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Workshops, Webinars, Open Days, Q&A, Personal Training, Conferences, Congress, Seminars etc with GDVCAMERA Bio-Well and other models, Translighters, AK TOM, Shungite and other stuff from GDVPLANET.

Bio-Well video course inside HLS Course:

Bio-Well video course inside HLS Course
Bio-Well video course inside HLS Course

What you should to know about Bio-Well

GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Course

with Kirill Korotkov, Konstantin Korotkov, Alexander Dvoryanchikov, Dieter Zenke, Karen O’Dell, Hesham Sami, Dmitry Orlov, Thornton Streeter, Boris Petrovic and Krishna Madappa

19 Lectures from the best GDV specialists all over the World!

More than 30 hours of Bioelectrography Learning!

Human Light System Online course

Welcome, Bio-Well and VivAlign users!

Order GDVCAMERA Bio-Well Course Now!

Bonus from IUMAB LibraryThe Energy of Health by Professor Konstantin Korotkov

GDV Diagnostics course inside HLS Course:

GDV Diagnostics with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov
GDV Diagnostics
with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gas Discharge Visualisation

GDV Diagnostics

with Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov

GDV = Western Medicine + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Ayurveda

For all models of GDVCAMERA users (Bio-WellVivAlign, etc)

GDV Bioelectrography in Medicine on Human Light System Online course

Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov is a famous and recognized doctor in his profession as a reflexologist, a specialist in neurology, reflex therapy, regenerative medicine, herbal medicine, psychiatry and addiction medicine.

Interpretation of a patient’s GDV-graph (Korotkov’s images) from the standpoint of these three medical traditions provides a truly holistic view of the person’s health state.

See more about Dr. Alexander Dvoryanchikov here

The Best GDV Course

The Best GDV Course
The Best GDV Course

GDV Diagnostics + Bio-Well video course

GDV Diagnostics, part 2

Medical and Psychological analysis of Korotkov images

GDV Diagnostics 2

with Kirill Korotkov and Alexander Dvoryanchikov

inside Human Light System online course

GDV Diagnostics 2 – practical professional GDV secrets from the source

Kirill Korotkov – psychologist, working with GDV technologies since 1996

Alexander Dvoryanchikov – MD, more than 17 years GDV experience

Online course, January-March 2019, one time per week

One personal consultation with speakers for each participant

IUMAB certifications


You can watch all videos on GDVPLANET YouTube
You can watch all videos on GDVPLANET YouTube

Online training on GDVPLANET YouTube:


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Translighters Games – online training for Translighters users with the Biointernet technologies

Translighters Online Games with Dr. Sergey Avdeev and Kirill Korotkov every Monday

Working with Translighters Equipment, talking with inventor and developers of the Biointernet project, Questions and Answers, Experiments, Translighters Digital, Translighters Transfer, Ideas Exchange, Dice, Brain Storm, Expert-Operator, Leader Follow, MiniMax technology, new devices and more

Every week – free training with Dr. Sergey Avdeev and Kirill Korotkov

Human Light System Online Course

5 years experimental online course


Korotkov Training

GDV, EPI, DSP, Biointernet, EHF, IIS trainings, courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and more

Bio-Well CourseGDV DiagnosticsTranslighters Games

Human Light System Online Course

Welcome to Korotkov Training!

The Biointernet Meditation 2016/2017

Global Online Experiment with GDV Sputnik
Global Online Experiment with GDV Sputnik

Every Saturday – The Biointernet Meditation

The Biointernet Meditation -Global Online Experiment with GDV Sputnik
The Biointernet Meditation – Global Online Experiment with GDV Sputnik

Every Week – Online training

2 hours Personal Bio-Well Training – free with Bio-Well device

GDVPLANET Personal Consulting

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