GDVPLANET - Inner Light Devices
GDVPLANET – Inner Light Devices

AK TOMAK TOM technologies developed by Dr. Alexander Kozhemyakin.

AK TOM is a new generation of equipment for the effective influence on the body and completely safe. The greatest therapeutic effect is manifested in the solution of the problems causing difficulties in the traditional approach to treatment.

The AK TOM is an exciting development in the field of Millimeter Wave (MMW) therapy. It is a product of 30 years of rigorous investigation, testing and documentation in Russia.

It is used by medical staff, veterinarians and biologists all over Russia and is approved by the Russian Health Department.
Its reputation is rapidly spreading over many other parts of the world.

AK TOM is unique device and using modern technology it embodies the idea of oriental medicine.
The concept of EHF-radiation for treatment combines the construction of Oriental Medicine and modern quantum mechanical models that have been adopted around the world, in particular, constitute the theoretical basis Homotoxicology and contemporary German school of homeopathy. Oriental medicine considers the human body as a combination of physical and energetic start, which corresponds to the basic postulate of quantum mechanics on the dualism of matter.

Scientists have established long ago that the material carrier of information in the physical world is electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic spectrum is a kind of language in which the transmission and reception of information between the physical systems, including living organisms exists.

Short-wave therapy device AK TOM reproduces the signals of healthy cells and makes the cells to revert from sick to proper work, tuned in with the external radiation. Low intensity (informational) effect provides strong physiological effect without heating the tissue or structural changes with minimal necessary energy.

Millimeter wave therapy helps to correct imbalances through frequencies that reinforce the body’s own natural healing frequencies.

AK TOM Therapy is used to support:
· Stress
· Mouth and throat problems
· Respiratory organs
· Stomach and intestine problems
· Arms and legs
· Sexual organs
· Skin problems
· Immune defense

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AK TOM Order Now!

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